Cash Flow

The number one issue with running a small business is cash flow. How do I mange the cash flow of the business? Many business owners take as much cash out of the business as they can. Although we might like to do this, SMART business owners operate with a cushion of cash in their business. I usually suggest at least one months worth of expenses be retained in the business.…  Read more

Quickbooks Online Challenge

Welcome to the QBO challenge!  Are you a small business owner working in Quickbooks Online?  Do you know there are features you aren’t using, but wish you were?  Do you want to learn more about how Quickbooks Online can increase your productivity and help you streamline your bookkeeping? You’ve come to the right place!  Join the challenge to learn new tips and tricks that will help you work with the…  Read more

Let’s get started!

So you want to start a business?  The freedom of being your own boss, the excitement of creating ideas and meeting new people; all great aspects of owning a company that is all yours.  But owning something big doesn’t come with its fair share of stress and demands.  With careful planning and the help of these tips, you’ll be on the right track. Let’s make business happen! Write a business…  Read more

Paper revolution

There is a revolution going on with paper! It is being used less and less. Anyone who has been in my office knows that i have three large computer monitors. These replace paper for me. And I am learning to use paper even less. In operating a business, there is a lot of paper we have to deal with. Invoices, payment receipts, and the list goes on. Then it all…  Read more

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