Sales tax services in Minneapolis

It’s a word that nobody wants to hear, but it’s a reality all business owners have to face.

Sales tax can be deeply technical and expensive if you don’t negotiate its challenges carefully.

At Quick Assist, we’re experts in sales tax compliance and we’re here to help.

Sales tax explained


Any seller who makes regular sales of taxable property is legally required to register to collect sales tax in any state in which they maintain a substantial physical presence (you may have word the word nexus).

We can help you identify if you are required to register and assist you in the registration process if applicable.


If you make a sale in a state you’re registered in, you are required to collect sales tax on any taxable sale delivered to that state (unless an exemption is applied).

We will meet with you and explain the implications relating to your individual circumstance. Sales tax collection and exemptions can get fairly complex but we can help make it simple.

Reporting and Remittance

Reporting requirements vary from state to state. Once you are registered, you must file tax returns (the frequency of which is determined by each state).

Regardless of business size, it is important that you maintain accurate books and financial records regarding your sales tax liabilities.

Given the complexity of sales tax law, it’s risks and penalties, it’s imperative that you seek the assistance of an experienced professional.

We’ll keep updated on these regularly changing sales tax laws and make sure you understand the requirements relating to your business.

How we help

  • Expense tracking
  • Bill paying
  • Invoicing and receiving payment from customers

At Quick Assist, we’ll also work with you to create a plan that looks for more efficient, accurate and cost-effective methods to manage sales tax requirements.

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