Avoid These 5 Costly Accounting Mistakes

A recent survey of over 500 small business owners revealed some of what we already know: flexibility and feeling in control ranked first in the “love” category of ownership.  Bookkeeping on the other hand?  60% say it’s their most hated task.  Hated or not, these 5 costly accounting mistakes can cause even more drama. Most business owners understand that effective financial management is key to their success. But lack of…  Read more

It’s Tax Time!

  Happy New Year!  The beginning of the year brings about many things – new beginnings, clean slates and tax time!  Get your taxes in on time to avoid late filing penalties and interest.  Here are the dates to keep in mind: Due March 15: Form 1065, US Return of Partnership Income Form 1120s, US Income Tax Return for S Corporation Due April 18 (no this isn’t a typo – the April…  Read more

Let’s get started!

So you want to start a business?  The freedom of being your own boss, the excitement of creating ideas and meeting new people; all great aspects of owning a company that is all yours.  But owning something big doesn’t come with its fair share of stress and demands.  With careful planning and the help of these tips, you’ll be on the right track. Let’s make business happen! Write a business…  Read more

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